CSW 55, United Nations, New York – stay tuned!

For the first time in United Nation’s history a grass-root movement – the women’s movement – through its continuous and crucial struggle achieved the initiation of a proper UN entity, the UN WOMEN is the new UN organization dedicated to gender equality and the empowerment of women, have been created in July 2010, and have been launched now. See the video of UN Women Launch Event, United Nations, New York (24 February 2011)“Honouring the Past – Envisioning the Future for Women and Girls”.
The women’s NGOs, the civil society advocates participate by critical contributions to the global policy framework on women’s empowerment and gender equality through the annual UN Commission on the Status of Women (CSW) – as they do at the moment in CSW 55 in New York. Although the new entity to guarantee the progress towards gender equality in the life of all women and fulfilment of the CEDAW convention, the NGO’s are willing to continue with their important role in holding international politics and national leaders accountable for commitments to gender equality and women’s rights. They are involved in implementing UN Women’s programmes in individual countries and confirmed to continue in giving voice to the basis – to speak out he needs and necessities, to make the remarkable difference in the bureaucratic apparatus of the UN.
See video The Journey of Women’s Rights: 1911-2011

Personal comment: I am so grateful for all that – I want to express my appreciations to all the powerful and struggling women all over our globe – sadly I could not participate for lack of access for all NGO participants in CSW 55, but I’ve heard the voices of many women in the different events giving evidence for their power in progressing and speaking out the responsibilities on the national and international level to achieve gender equality as reality for every woman on the globe.


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