Gender-specific data to prevent intimate partner violence

Gender-specific data collection is needed as a prerequisite for effective policies to combat violence against women. An EU wide survey comes to a disillusioning conclusion: one in five Europeans knows a woman among friends and family who is a victim of domestic violence. Accordingly 50 million women in the EU are affected by violence. The vast majority of respondents (87%) believes that the EU should be more involved in the fight against domestic violence (Source: Eurobarometer 2010).  Thus, WAVE – Women against violence Europe concerned about the lack of comparable data in Europe organised a meeting on gender-specific data on 30. June 2011 in Vienna related to their Project Protect II.  “We need to know how much violence there is against women, the forms it takes, and how it is changing over time in response to policy and other developments” stresses Sylvia Walby, UNESCO Chair in Gender Research and Professor of Sociology at Lancaster University (UK).

Further information: Project Protect II, focusing on the prevention of intimate partner violence against women and their children and particularly aims at improving the protection of women victims of violence and their children who are at high risk to become victims of severe and repeated violence and femicide (homicide of women).


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