EVA&ADELE goes Britain

EVA & ADELE – two people one art[ist]. Where ever they are is museum, they say about themselves. The artist couple in Berlin does not performance or art – they live art – they are a living art work. This year, after law have been changed, Eva & Adele got married as two women, Eva’s birth certificate was reissued with her sex as female. In The Guardian  Eva explains, “I’m neither a man nor a woman. Neither is Adele. We’ve invented our own sex.”

Current Exihibition:  Anschlüssel at Fruehsorge Contemporary Drawings
(Heidestr. 46 – 52 10557 Berlin). Dates: 9th September – 17 December 2011; Online since 5 September 2011
The exhibition will transfer to Centre for Recent Drawing, London, in 2012.
See EVA & ADELE Homepage: http://www.evaadele.com


About birgitstoeckl

gender & communication expert, researcher, networker, activist.
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