16Days: Armed Conflict in Colombia worse for Women

Rather than giving up – Colombian women got and get organized. They  take care not to enter in war mentality but stick to truth and dignity. Following the NGOs, 80 percent of victims  in the armed conflict in Colombia are women and children, 83 percent of displaced people are women. Social movements struggle for peace negotiation and visibility of the truth of the enormous scope and scale of violence for civil population. The human and woman’s right violations in Columbia still can go on without any punishment – and it seems like international community forgets about Columbian people and leave them alone without any protection. From their government they cannot expect any support. Refugees International states that the decades-long internal conflict between paramilitaries, guerilla groups and the Colombian army has displaced massive numbers of people and speaks about at least 4.1 million people forced from their homes, both within and across its borders since 1985. For women it is even worse, Colombian displaced women are particularly vulnerable to sexual violence, physical threats and are politically marginalised, many of them are violated, for them land is security and land is dignity – this is the message of the Colectivo Mujeres al Derecho (Women’s Rights Collective, or COLEMAD) on 16days blog of Refugee International. Vamos Mujer is another corporation, they initiate social movement and support women to gain back economical security and promotes human rights and memory of the truth of this human neglecting conflict.

Source of visual: Mujeres en Negro

Further information:
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Corporación VAMOS MUJER;
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