Barcelona: Network to prevent gender violence locked out from their head quarters

Next bad news from Spain – this time it concerns the Platform against gender violence in Barcelona. Two days ago, on December 19 the Platform activists wanted to prepare their monthly demonstration at Barcelona main square. When they come to their office, they could not enter to work nor was it possible to catch up their materials: Locks have been changed,  they have been locked out from their head office that unites more than 100 entities (NGOS, institutions, associations) in the struggle to end violence against women. Based on a verbal agreement, the Platform shared room with the Foundation Mary Aurelia Campany since 2006.

At the beginning of December, the President of the Foundation with the decision of the Executive Committee announced that they have to move out from their rooms until December 31. From October this year onwards, the Platform was making efforts for the reconsideration of their being forced to move out. Now find themselves locked out and thus unable to continue their work. How far inhibiting policies for organisations working to eradicate gender-based violence will go in Spain?


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