More Reviews on Naomi Wolf’s VAGINA

LA Times columnist Meghan Daum states today on Wolf’s new book VAGINA, “If Naomi Wolf ever really qualified — and that is debatable — she appears to have excused herself from the table. And that’s too bad. There’s a lot going on that she’s missing. But such are the hazards of gazing down rather than looking around.” Is there any possibility to come back to the table? May be we can get to this possibility by readin the assumptions of social media activist and In These Times writer, Sady Doyle, which are not only disqualifying but also reflective: “The only real story of Vagina is its role in Wolf’s ongoing expulsion from feminism.” Although she admits that Naomi Wolf’s new book is almost too boring to review, her sight on Vagina is worth reading, good humour! More interesting to perceive are her comments on the Assange allegations and Naomi Wolf’s attacking two women for filing rape claims in context with Wolf’s new book. Sady Doyle reflects about the pattern to condemn a person at all, h/er entire work because of one thing done badly, having failed. Her conclusion: “This is just not how grown-ups think. And the increasingly Manichean slant of some contemporary feminists, in which one is either a perfect feminist who has never been wrong or a traitor who must be disgraced and expelled from the ranks, risks teaching us all to think less like grown-ups.” At the end Sady Doyle advocates for the principle that people do bad things sometimes, and at other times they do good ones: ”It should be the same principle that allows us not to make a punching bag out of Naomi Wolf.” So, we will see what future feminist discussions bring up and who will be allowed to join the table.

Sources: LA Times Online, In These Times Online.


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