25S: Spanish Revolution surrounds Congress in Madrid

Today on the 25 of September 2012 Spain’s #occupy#Spanishrevolution #acampadasol #15M-movement  call for the 25S  – a mass manifestation of undefined form at the gates of the Congress in Madrid  in order to obtain the dismissal of the Government and to make the beginning of a Constitutional Process – a call for the unification of all the social forces and movements to struggle for a more fair society. Consequently, in their call their they disapprove all forms of expression related to violence machismo, xenophobia,  homophobia or racism.  Click to read their manifesto 25S.

While the Spanish government and police since days tries to criminalize democratic rights – freedom of speech and assembly – the movement for a social change does not stop. Since hours, Police stops organized buses from going to Madrid and joining the protests, tell activists coming by their private car. We will see what happens from 6 pm onwards when the manifestation will unify surrounding the Congress of Madrid.

At the same time, today, the general secretaries of the CCOO and UGT and Portuguese (CGTP and UGT-P), French (CGT and CFDT), German (DGB), Italian (CGIL and CISL), Belgium (FGTB and CSC), the presidents Greek union, GSEE, and Czech, CMK OS trade unions, and Polish, Austrian and Irish union representatives have met in Madrid to discuss union alternatives to the crisis.

Crisis doesn’t stop and the social movements  keep on searching, manifesting and working for alternatives: otro mundo es posible – another world is possible.


About birgitstoeckl

gender & communication expert, researcher, networker, activist.
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