Livestream: People have their say in Madrid

25 S, Madrid, Spain

Hard repressions from the police  as demonstration is growing and trying to enter the protection corridor established by 1400 police officers. Spanish “ordinary people” as they say about themselves in their manifesto have come from all over Spain express their indignation today. On their way to Madrid, people have already been controlled without being to any extent violent or extremist.  Protesters criticise since month the harder and harder repressions against their democratic rights , voices from the demonstration in front of the Congress: “They even don’t want to hear what people have to say.”  The ongoing crisis and policies consisting only in hard cuts, when people already suffer from low income, high unemployment rates,  and eviction from their homes by continuing obligation to repayment although they loose their property, they reject TROIKA and government.

Demonstration and confrontation with police is going on, see
Livestream from Madrid/Bambuser,: 25S;
Livestream Madrid acampadasol 25S,
Livestream Madrid Tomalatele coordinadora 25S

Livestream Madrid 25S on youtube


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