Spain: 25S goes arround de world. Is violence the only news worthy?

 Spain police fire rubber bullets at Madrid protest
Spanish police have fired rubber bullets and baton-charged protesters attending a rally against austerity.

 Violence in Madrid as police charge protesters
Baton-wielding police fired rubber bullets at demonstrators who had tried to surround the country’s parliament building

 A Madrid, manifestants et policiers s’affrontent devant le Parlement
Des affrontements ont éclaté mardi soir à Madrid entre policiers et manifestants du mouvement des indignés qui s’étaient rassemblés par milliers aux abords du Congrès des députés, sous très haute tension, aux cris de “Démission !”, “Dehors !”.

Protesters Take to Street in Madrid
Thousands besieged Parliament as Spain’s two largest regions posed challenges to the country’s leadership.

 Protesters, police clash in Madrid
Madrid, Spain (CNN) – Thousands of protesters fed up with the country’s austerity measures demonstrated here Tuesday outside the congressional building.

Police charge Madrid protesters, fire rubber bullets
Spanish police fired rubber bullets as they charged crowds of protesters late Tuesday at an anti-government demonstration near parliament in central Madrid, AFP reporters saw.

Considering headlines and photos, the majority of news reports shows the clashes between police and protesters. What can we do to call new values instead of violence on its incredible good ranking in news worthiness?


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