Spain 25S: Spread the word of no-violence

Source of picture:

El Blog de @gonzalocampa does a brief analysis about the clashes between protesters and the police at the centre of Madrid yesterday. The author and participant of the  25S platform speaks about their pacifistic intentions facing well trained police officers and secret police as infiltrated demonstrators provoking violence.

In the resume the blogger points out that they have to advance in their techniques to isolate and stop the few violent participants and to be more organized in their protests.About the press, s/he quotes that mainly photos about the violent moments were spread – this is to be changed. Read the whole article of @gonzalocampa (in Spanish).

To me, violence does not deserve to be on the top of news values! Peace, ideas of equality, justice, empathy for human beings of all religion, gender, ethnicity, nationality, social sectors – these could be our new news values, to spread the word about social change and the necessities for peace instead of news on catastrophes, war and conflict.

Video with infiltrated police officer:
A la calle (CC), explaining: “Our cameras were filming when an infiltrated undercover policeman was caught by his colleagues from the UIP. The secret police  identifies himself as a colleague. This is a proof that police had infiltrated the protests of 25-S”


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