Spain: National Court judge asked facebook and google for personal data of protesters

In order to find out the organizers of follow up-call for protests in Madrid last week, according to  CadenaSer S.L. (PILAR VELASCO), a National Court judge, Santiago Pedraz,  asked Facebook and Google for personal data of activists to identify the creator of the event. Velasco writes, both technology companies which have their headquarters in the United States have refused to release the names of those users, but they have provided the police the IP numbers from 50 computers that accessed their services. As Sanchez reports in her article, advocates say, if the companies would have been situated in Spain, they would have access to all data, as companies are obliged to. As the first call “Occupy Congress” for the 25S demonstration in Madrid was convicted  on 14 August for possible crimes of subversion of the constitutional order and breach of public peace – as “occupy congress” circulated via internet and called to “remain in Congres indefinitely, the resignation of the government and the opening of a constitutional process,” among other objectives, which could pose crimes against the Constitution. Velasco writes, that the complaint of this possible crime against state institutions ended up in the Court , where with the approval of the Prosecutor’s Office refused to open proceedings to consider the urgency alleged by policewas not justified. It was then collected and sent the hands of Judge Santiago Pedraz.

Judge filed 8 cases of possibly crime
Finally, today morning, the protest event to avoid the conviction of 8 protesters for being related to organization of the 25S demonstration have been successful, lots of protesters came with banners “I too organized 25S”. The High Court considered that the 25S demonstration is not a crime against state institutions: Judge Santiago Pedraz has filed the case against eight people accused of promoting  the concentration “Surrounding the Congress“ on September 25. Judge Pedraz highlights the non-violent nature of the call and finds that “the severity of risk rumoured by police due to the initial call  occupy Congress was not given.”

Fact is, police set up devices for surveillance and control in the assemblies of 25-S – so keep on watching Spain. As Pilar Velasco rightly quotes in her comment. “The instruction of the High Court is the first investigation to active members of such meetings and protests based on civil disobedience. In the United States there is no precedent of judicial instructions at around Occupy Wall Street, nor in other European countries.”

Read Article in Spanish (sorry, no time to translate) or try tricky google translation.


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