UN Women supports India’s Changemakers

This new video “The Changemakers” (UN Women 2012) on India’s women leaders was launched, as Michelle Bachelet visited the elected women representatives and grassroots women at the Gram Sabha (village council)  in Alwar District, Rajasthan India today.  The Executive Director of UN Women advocated for their participation in the local governments: “When women fail to attend Gram Sabha meetings, there is the risk that their interests may be sidelined. So it is important for you as women to participate actively because then the Gram Sabhas will function more effectively”, said Bachelet. In India, local self-government bodies called Panchayati Raj Institutions (PRIs) were established in 1993, with one-third of their seats reserved for women.  According to UN Women, since then, more than a million women have been elected to office. At the end of her speech, Bachelet committed UN Women to support them and stressed;”The Gram Sabha – such as your gathering – is the cornerstone of this great venture of equality and democracy. If you succeed, you will change India and the world for the better—and the change will be felt now and for generations to come.”

Link: Centre for Social Research in New Delhi to empower the women and girls of India

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