Athens Against Merkel // Atenas Contra Merkel

People in Greece are really angry and politicians still don’t care, doing business as usual and sending only one answer: their riot police. EU need finally to think about how to communicate with their inhabitants instead to use violence to calm then.

Sphere Point

[EN] Images, videos and articles from the 9 of October protest in Athens against the visit of Angela Merkel.
[ES] Imágenes, vídeos y artículos de la protesta del 9 de Octubre en Atenas contra la visita de Angela Merkel.

Resumen en Castellano

Summary in English

Demonstration // Manifestación

Arrest // Detención

CitizenTube complete playlist // Lista de reproducción de CitizenTube

Videos from Stop Cartel live stream
Galería de fotos // Photo Gallery

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2 Responses to Athens Against Merkel // Atenas Contra Merkel

  1. Sphere Point says:

    Thanks for reblogging.. shameful scenes, and I doubt the EU will be able to solve anything for Greece, they live on a different planet from the ordinary people whether in Greece or spain or portugal… saludos.


  2. Good Deed says:

    Europe is not able to solve anything… That’s why there is chaos…


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