SPAIN: German Parlamentarians listen to Social Movement’s Critique in Madrid – #13o #15m #25s

On October 11, 2012 in Madrid, activists of the Spanish social movement (Democracia Real Ya  [Real democracy Now] and many more platforms of the Spanish 15M movement) met with delegates from the Commission of Labour and Social Affairs of the  German Parliament (Bundestag).  The meeting brought together different groups of Spanish civil society presenting their dossiers on the political and social reality from their perspective according to the topics: debts, housing, public services, environment, democracy and repression.

They activists all linked to the social movement explained that the heavy crisis  in Spain was not unexpected. Broad sectors of civil society have warned about it as since 2006, hundreds of thousands of citizens took to the streets. Thus, the protests were massive for almost two years. Civil society produced dozens of reports and recommendations to curb the real estate bubble. They gave detailed evidence on what civil society reported and actions they have demanded since 2006, including corruption, housing problems, tax fraude, health & education system, as well as the threats for democracy and the repressions of pacific resistance by the police and the State.
Regarding the health sector, Coordinadora Antiprivatización de la Sanidad and Democracia Real Ya (DRY) stressed in this meeting that they consider the reform of
Article 135 of the Spanish Constitution illegitimate. The reform was imposed by the European Union and major influence of Germany. Respectively, the  team of the Spanish social movement states, that  German government proved that for them to encash debt,  which they voluntarily contracted with Spain, -have “absolute priority” as against
health, education and / or quality of life of the Spanish citizens. The insisted that Spain is not only debtor of the EU but also creditor since Spain was the “hospital of Europe.”

The paradox of this meeting, the parliamentarian committee from Germany wanted to know from first hand the motives for their massive and non-stopping protests, whereas Spanish delegates still don’t listen to their citizens. The groups linked to the 15-M movement have delivered a comprehensive report explaining its main claims, measures to solve the thousands of cases of eviction,proposal of a new energy system. “For me the most important is the recognition of the Bundestag that social movements are a political subject,” quoted Jesus (15M) after the meeting. “What this shows is that in Germany there is a deeper democratic culture than in Spain,” added Juan ( Stop desahucios [Stop Evictions]). “We have been impressed by their profound solid knowledge of the issues they have raised and worked on for a very long time”, said Beate Müller, of the Greens in Germany. “Do not ask for more cuts from the people. If you have to cut something, cut from those responsible for the crisis and the speculators who have created it”, the Spanish movement argues in their Dossier. Thus the Slogan for today’s #13o protests: We don’t owe, we don’t pay”

DOSSIER from Spanish indignados /15 social movement given to the German parlamentarians (In Spanish Language only)

WATCH  Live stream video of meeting by 15M (Spanish and German) part I

WATCH  Video of 15M about the meeting published on El Pais (Spanish)


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2 Responses to SPAIN: German Parlamentarians listen to Social Movement’s Critique in Madrid – #13o #15m #25s

  1. Oscar says:

    There’s been some controversy about this meeting inside the 15M movement. Some didn’t want us to participate because it recognizes some legitimacy to the parliaments -this criticism comes mostly from the anarchist thinkers- and others agreed to the meeting but said it should have taken place in one open assembly with whoever should like to assist, instead of a closed room with “representatives”. You know, horizontality and all.
    Personally, I think it was a nice blow to the media attention that we need, and to the pretenses of Spanish Government to ignore us or even treat us like criminals.
    Thanks for reporting!


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