SPAIN: Agreements on democracy issues between Spanish Protest platform and German Parliamentarians

Meeting 10/11, 2012 Madrid
Source: Still from Video /EL Pais

When on October 11, 2012 activists from platforms of the Spanish 15M movement) met with German delegates from the Commission of Labour and Social Affairs of the  German Parliament (Bundestag), the delegates appreciated the meeting and stressed the importance and necessity for democracy. The delegates underscored the profound knowledge and range of issues worked out for a long time by the different groups according to the topics presented. The German parliamentarians assured that they will implement these inputs into their further work in the committee and the different parties they represent as well as directly to the Parliament. Finally being listened by representatives from the Parliament has also been highly valued by the Spanish activists, although this attitude of listening to still is missing from parliament in Spain, and has caused some controversies about this gathering within their movement (See comment from Oscar of Coordinadora25S). Furthermore, the representative Klaus Ernst from German’s  Left party (die Linke) affirmed his agreement to a major part with the assumptions and ideas on the issues presented by the 15M movement. Delegate Ernst particularly underscored that European citizens not only in Spain but also in Greece, Portugal and many more countries are made responsible for the banking crisis with the result that they should assume the loss and consequences. This is a threat to welfare state in Europe. Klaus Ernst said. Moreover, he also agrees together with the measures taken to solve the banking crisis there is a notable attempt to repress democracy. Thus, this crisis necessitates a solution on the European level not on the national one, therefore people of Europe need to collaborate.

Live Video Meeting October 11, 2012, Madrid – part I;
Live Video Meeting October 11, 2012, Madrid – part II

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