#globalnoise: Further protests in Spain – there are alternatives to current austerity plans

Coordinadora25S already calls for the next actions and protests on October 23, 25, and 27 (#23O, #25O; #27O) as neither Parliament nor politicians are listening to the various civil society platforms (often called the #15M movement) who are discussing alternatives since a long time. There is even a book published on that issue by renown Spanish scientists.  (See book described below).

On October 23, they will – #23O surround Congress – because Parliament will start to discuss budgets for 2013 imposed by the Troika. “The next year, 1 in 4 Euros will go toward paying an illegitimate debt, that we did not cause”, Coordinadora25 says. While this increases aid for banks, government cuts the budgets of Health (22%), education (14%), Environment (14%), Social Affairs (14%), Culture (19%), Equality (24%), etc. On October 25 the  #25O Decentralised Actions all over Spain will take place and on October 27 the #27OProtest at the Congress will happen in Madrid again to reject the budget 2013.

READ recent articles by Birgit Wolf, October 27, 2012:
#27O SPAIN, ITALY: Continuing protests, police clashes, democratic rights at risk
#27O SPAIN: Thousands of protesters on the streets of 22 cities
#25S SPAIN: Agreements on democracy issues between Spanish Protest platform and German Parliamentarians (from October 13, 2012.)

READ article: published in Social Europe Journal by Vicente Navarro earlier this year:
“There is an alternative! How Spain could pursue expansionary policies

FREE  download: “There are alternatives” is the title of a book written by renown Spanish experts  elaborating alternatives to create employment and welfare in Spain – download the digital book here (in Spanish language only):
“Hay alternativas”  by the authors Vicenç Navarro, Alberto Garzón Espinosa and Juan Torres López, with a prologue of Noam Chomsky. Ediciones Sequitur, in collaboration with ATTAC España, 225 pages.


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  1. nonviolentconflict says:

    Reblogged this on NonviolentConflict.


  2. Good Deed says:

    Support to all protesters in the World… Luck to all going out to streets…
    Be aware who are you fighting against.


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