Werner Herzog at 4+1 Film Festival

Werner Herzog (Photo: MAPFRE FOUNDATION 4+1 Film Festival)

The German film director Werner Herzog will be guest of Honour during the third edition of the 4+1 Film Festival, which will be held simultaneously in Bogota, Buenos Aires, Mexico City, Madrid and Rio de Janeiro from November 21st through the 25th 2012. “The Festival wanted to pay tribute to his ability to surprise, his steadfastness in refusing to follow fads and staying true to himself”, said  Gonzalo de Pedro Amatria, programmer for the 4+1 Festival , and stresses that, “his films have always struggled with the canon of superficial truth, that innocent belief that emerged with North American Direct Cinema and, to a lesser extent, with French ‘cinéma vérité’, (two schools Herzog sees as one and the same thing) that it’s enough to simply film the world in order to reveal its mysteries.” The Retrospective will show classics and lesser known titles of the great film maker. On Thursday, November 22nd, a master class with him  entitled  A Meeting with Werner Herzog is offered at the Banco do Brasil Cultural Center, the Festival’s venue in Rio de Janeiro.
See programme and more information about the 4+1 Film Festival


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