Photographer Cristina Rodero highlights women in exhibition “Combating nothingness”

Cristina García Rodero: Caminos de lluvia, Cuba 2007
Source: Centro de Arte Alcobendas

The photographer Cristina García Rodero opened her exhibition “Comabtiendo la nada” [Combating nothingness] yesterday, October 18, in the Centro de Arte Alcobendas, Madrid. Furthermore, the Executive Committee and the Board of Guggenheim Museum Bilbao approved a new expanded configuration in the artistic program of the exhibition dedicated to the photographic work of Cristina García Rodero for fall 2013.

The actual exhibition in Alcobendas,  “Combating nothingness” are 21 carefully selected black and white photographs, representing Cristina García Rodero’s anthropologic and artistic testimony of her documentary work. The main theme of “Combating nothingness” revolves around women and their struggle for survival, their rights and their freedom. This exhibition invites us to travel through different cultures and reveals us a wide range of emotions: the pain and rootlessness caused by the Balkan wars, the trance and devotion felt by the Haiti people during its ancestral rituals, or the intrahistory of the Spanish traditions and customs.

Cristina García Rodero (born in Puertollano/Spain in1949) is member of the Magnum agency and initiated her outstanding oeuvre  in photography in 1974. Her book España Oculta published in 1989 won the “Book of the Year Award” at the Arles Festival of Photography. In the same year she won the prestigious “W. Eugene Smith Foundation Prize” and many more awards in the following years, including the “Premio Nacional de Fotografía” in 1996 and the “Premio Internacional de Fotografía Alcobendas” in 2011 in Spain.

In recent years, García Rodero was travelling around the worldtaking visual records of different cultures with renown documentary and ethnological value and aesthetic quality.  Her expressive work “Rituals of Haiti” was inaugurated in the 2001 Venice Biennale. Cristina García Rodero  joined Magnum in 2005 and became a full member in 2009.
By Birgit Wolf

Combatiendo la nada” – “Combating nothingness”, by Cristina García Rodero;
from October 18, 2012 to January 23, 2013;
Centro de Arte Alcobendas,
Calle Sebastián Izuel 9; Alcobendas – Madrid (Spain)

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