Dalal al-Bizri: Women, Revolution, Politics and Power

Dalal al-Bizri is a Lebanese researcher and writer specialized in contemporary Islamic
movements and authored several studies on women’s issues. She is the author of the Paper: Women, Revolution, Politics and Power
[Paper outline] During the Arab uprisings, unprecedented numbers of women took to the streets, paving the way for increased participation in the post-revolutionary political process. In the transitional period that follows, they now start facing gradual exclusion of the political arena. The extend of their participation in the new institutions, the author argues, will depend on three main factors: the democratic culture instored, the nature and role of political Islam, as well as gender representation in the news media. As her research in Tunisia, Egypt, Yemen, Libya and Syria suggests, the fight to carry the women‘s new found political status through the transitional period will blur the conflict lines between the „traditional-religious“ and the „urban-modern-non-religious“ blocs. Arab women are finding new forms of political participation, distinct from the Western models.
Download full article PDF. This article was first published onHeinrich Boell Foundation Middle East

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