AUSTRIA: Poverty Conference LIVE now

Photo: Armutskonferenz / Paul Sturm

The 9th Austrian Poverty Conference is taking place now from October 23-24 in Salzburg they offer a LIVESTREAM on their hompage, even a LIVESTREAM for smart-phones. (conference is held in GERMAN language)

Austrian Network against Poverty and Social Exclusion: For more than 20 years, the Austrian Armutskonferenz (Austrian Poverty Conference) is acting as a lobbyist for those who do not have a lobby and brings problems of poverty and social exclusion in Austria to public discourse to improving the living conditions of those concerned. SEE the RESUME of their activities in English.

FRAUENARMUTSKONFERENZ (Women’s Poverty Conference)
is a network against women’s poverty and social exclusion. The speaker of the platfrom Dr. Michaela Moser, is also Austria’s delegate in the European Anti-Poverty Network. On october 22/23, they women’s section of Amrutskonferenz discussed mostly female and mostly unpaid reproductive and care work, commons theories and practices with knowledge of the care economy and other feminist approaches related to reorganization and distribution of work and resources and with post-patriarchal ideas. As a common concern they advocate for the re-design of social interaction and the replacement of existing power relations, and the discussion of new social practices providing a good life for all. They have a LIVESTREAM from their disscussion earlier this year about Economic crisis – effects for women experienceing gender-based violence (SEE video in German language: Ökonomische Krise und Auswirkungen auf (gewaltbetroffene) Frauen


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