#27O SPAIN, ITALY: Continuing protests, police clashes, democratic rights at risk

Police stopped bus to hinder people from participation at the #270 protest in Madrid | photo: acampadagranada retained in the bus

Today, Saturday October 27  protests around the Congress of Madrid from 6pm onwards will continue. Government delegates already commented that the demonstration was not officially communicated. The only protest regularly and officially registered that now requires the government was precisely the first, which took place on September 25. Although it was not the coordinator who reported this 25-S protest but an individual, who was subsequently fined by the Government Delegation with a penalty of 6,000 euros to understand the institution could not provide the “safety of the protest”, which ended with 35 arrested and 64 injured due to clashes between protesters and riot police.

Police is registering people more than ever during the protests | Photo Juan Miguel Garrido

Eight other persons still have have to fear being judged for crime against state institutions in context with the 25-S protest, although they got free in the first instance. Thus, the call for today was not communicated. A spokesperson from the 25S coordination pointed out that this Saturday people from other cities in Spain are expected to arrive in Madrid  to participate in the 27-O march against austerity politics. As happened on 25-S, the National Police has detained and searched buses from various parts of Spain are coming to Madrid, and has also identified passengers.

The protest platform acampadagranada quotes, that their bus from Granada (Andalusia) on their way to Madrid for today’s demonstration have been retained by police.  All passengers have been frisked and identified by the police. The acampadabcn reports from Barcelona about” first wranglings between ‘brave police’ and elder activists”(Video on youtube) this morning. Positivly, National Police agents are demonstrating against the austerity politics outside the Ministry of Interior. The concentration has been supported by some 3,000 police officers arriving in Madrid from several Spanish cities, according to trade union estimates. Doing their office, police never has controlled and registered so much protesters accessing the protest in Madrid.

Tear gas against anti-austerity protesters in Rome #270

#27O: Tear gas against anti-austerity protesters in Rome | Photo: Occupy Congress

In Italy, the #27O protests also called the #NoMontiDay (Livestream by Alessio Viscardi) against Troika and the government of Monti are going on in Rome. Tens of thousands marching towards Piazza della Repubblica, including firemen amongst the estimated 150.000. Police attacked with tear gas later in the afternoon. In the North of Italy, heavy police clashes in Riva del Garda – Smontiamolo (Video on Youtube).

Spanish people surround the Congress today in Madrid and other cities to express their strong opposition to the austerity budget 2013. As explained by the protesters in the text delivered on 19 October in the congressional record, the General State Budget for 2013  will generate oppression and misery, and delve into a regressive tax policy with large cuts in health, education, science, culture, environment, etc. Earlier this month, the Spanish daily El Pais informed, that 77 percent of Spanish people support the reasoning of the 25S protest platform. Two days ago, new sad record of more than 25 % (INE) unemployment in Spain (10,7% in Italy) for the first time in history was announced, 5,770 million persons are without a working place. Austerity politics destroyed 96,900 employments during this summer, 50,000 of it in the public services. In 1,737,900 households not a single person has an employment.
(Read more information in Spanish: Manifestación #27O, volvemos al Congreso. Or in English some information about the draft document to reject the budget 2013)

LIVESTREAMING from Madrid starts at 8.15 pm
on www.cerotelevision.com and http://www.tomalatele.tv/web/?cat=5


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