#14N South Europe: General strike preparation in Spain, heavy protests in Greece

Yesterday, November 6th,  while Spain and many EU countries in solidarity with Southern Europe are preparing the General Strike for November 14th (#14N), in Greece just before the vote for new austerity packages one of the heaviest clashes took place on the streets of Athens, where Greek protesters throw Molotov cocktails at riot police.

In Athens today, with very small majority of just 153 to 147 MPs the Greek Parliament  agreed on the new austerity budget on € 13.5bn ($17.3bn) including measures of pension cuts and tax rises. At the same time  the unemployment rate of Greece hits a new record of 25,4 %  (Spain 25,8%, Euro area 11.6%) with  the highest youth unemployment rate of 58% (Spain 54.2% ) [Sources: EUROSTAT, ELSTAT]. No wonder, that last night before the vote for the new austerity plans 80,000 protesters clashed with riot police. Tomorrow, with the titel “Green ways out of the crisis“,  a joint discussion between the Greens in the European Parliament and the EGP discuss ways put off the crisis in Greece and Europe, the event will take place in Athens, LIVESTREAM will be available.

In Spain,the warm up for the  #14N General Strike . In Madrid protests due to the closure of main sections of the hospital ‘La Princesa’ and Government’s privatisation plans for hospitals, protests against these austerity measures are going on since days and the hospital was occupied for 2 days.  (‘la princesa’ is not for sale)In the Basque Country in Barakaldo trade union is on strike this morning promoting the #14N, as well. In Barcelona, trade union is meeting for the preparation and acampadabcn is organizing the protest 11N on Sunday to defend health care. For sure, according to coordianadora25S, the 15M  now 25S protest movement will participate and support the #14N General Strike.

Across Europe, the Executive Committee of the European Trade Union Confederation (ETUC) called for a Day of Action and Solidarity, across Europe  in order to mobilise the European trade union movement behind the ETUC policies set out in the ‘Social compact for Europe’. They call #14Nov2012. For Jobs and Solidarity in Europe. No to Austerity. (European Day of Action and Solidarity on Facebook and  ETUC Declaration from 17 October 2012, more languages available)

VIDEO:   #14N

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