For another Europe: Joint feminist forces for alternatives to austerity at Firenze 10+10

Firenze 10+10, Nov. 8, 2012 | Source:

The pressure from financial markets imposed austerity policies following the same logic throughout Europe. The Feminist Forum at Firenze 10+10 will tackle how European wide austerity affects women and services for women as the drastic reduction of public spending causes cuts in public services, social protection, wages, pensions and  tax rises. These measures complement the neoliberal policies of privatization, labor market flexibilization and precarisation of labour relations. Women are the first to be affected by these austerity policies,” the women activists and feminist organizations state in their invitation. According to initiators, the dismantling of the welfare state, it is women who must, through an increase in their unpaid and invisible work, provide the care neglected by the welfare state. “There is already a real transfer of roles and responsibilities from the state to the private sector and to women, making free labour, stress, and violence against women swell, criminalizing their right to employment and forcing them back to their ‘traditional roles'”, they state. Therefore, at the Feminist Forum in Florence, women’s networks and feminist organisations discuss ways out and alternatives to illegitimate debt, austerity, social collapse from a feminist perspective: “We need to create a process of union of European
feminist struggles against illegitimate debt and austerity”, the feminists say.

( The call to join European feminists in Florence is signed by Magda Alves – Portuguese feminist UMAR; – Sylviane DAHAN, “Women of Enllaç”, Federation of Local Associations in Barcelona, Christiane Marty,  Gender Commission of Attac; Cathy Ménard – Women Solidarity Commission Loiret, Sonia Mitralias –  Initiative “Women against the debt and austerity measures” and of the “Greek Committee against Debt”;  Judit Morva – European Feminist Initiative (IFE); Marlene Tuininga – World March of Women (WMW) and WILPF; Christine Vanden Daelen – CADTM and Initiative “Women against the debt and austerity measures”; Felicity Dowling – Merseyside Women Against the Cuts.)

For another Europe: Firenze 10+10
Ten years ago, in 2002, the movements and European networks met in Florence and gave birth to the first European Social Forum, the crisis was only the announced result of the analysis of the movements on the impact of the economic and financial globalization. From today, November 8th to 10th , the Firenze 10+10 is taking place with more than 3 thousand attendees,  working 4 days on convergence and a joint effort towards an alternative to the banker’s Europe, the supremacy of the market at he same location as 10 years ago.


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