#14N General Strike – Follow Spain live

The Spanish daily EL DIARIO reports live from different cities in Spain with statistics of today’s consume, videos, etc. Click here for the live reports

#14N General Strike in Madrid | Huelga General en Madrid; 14 Nov. 2012, morning. Source: Actualutte

On the web of huelga14n you also find photos and videos from different cities of Spain: Bilbao, Valencia, Cartagena, and many more, actual resumes of the strike events are provides in Spanish language. Click here for huelga14n

Just a few highlights…

#14N Huelga General | General Strike in Barcelona: The famous Boqueria market

In Barcelona, the famous Boqueria market is mostly closed and empty, gates to enter the underground are closed, helicopters are surveying the city. The factories of Nissan, Opel and Seat in Catalonia and Volkswagen in Navara are closed, workers are on strike. In Madrid 12 people have been detained during the protests in the night (@takethesquare) …

and not to forget: In Greece  today is a historical day, on November 14 in 1973 students occupied Athens Technical University, which led to the fall of dictatorship (spyros gkelis ‏@northaura)

#14N means Spain, Greece, Portugal, Italy, Belgium, Germany, France, UK and many more European countries are protesting against austerity, read further news later this day.
 Birgit Wolf

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