#14N General Strike in Spain – protest platforms and workers united on the streets

#14N Protest-platfrom 25S surrounding teh congress during the night from November 13 to 14 PHOTO: ElPublico Luca Piergiovanni (Efe)

Not only about 80% of Spanish workers follow the general strike – remember that more than 25% of the active population and more than 50% of youth is unemployed! The different protest movements 15M, 25S  of Spain merging  in TomaLaHuelga  participate as well, precarious workers, feminists, students and many more with their alternative proposals to austerity. The “Precarity Office” protest against their only opportunity to decide between unemployment, precariousness or emigration. Feminists via the platform acampadasol called for the strike of citizens with the slogan “organize yourself -neighbour your are not alone – the strike will be feminist or it won’t be” and want to make aware about the daily care work done by women and in precarious conditions. They also will organize public lunch on different places in Madrid.

This time, the 15M and 25Ss platform call again to surround the congress in Madrid tonight to express their wish for a social and political change to the Members of Parliament tomorrow morning.

See El Pais photo album of today’s strike in Spain

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  3. The platform TomaLaHuelga says, following sources of the Ministry of Interior 82 persons are detained.


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