#14November Spain: Police clashes with rubber bullets cause serious injuries

OJOCONTUOJO | campaña stop balas de goma lancido en solidaridad con Ester | campaign in soidarity with Ester to stop rubber bullets

As already reported in the night of November 14, riot police were firing rubber bullets at protesters of the legal demonstration of the generals strike taking place all over Europe. In Barcelona, supposedly the detonations were a consequence of the use of fire works by some protesters. However, Ester, a 42 years old women was hit in her face by the rubber bullets on her walk home from the general strike at about 9.20 pm.  According to different sources she is still in a critical state at hospital, she may loose her eye sight due to the severity of the injury. It is not the first time, that people suffer severe lesion. The Association to Stop Rubber Bullets in Catalonia asked the police just a few days before the general strike to abstain from its very use as last year in  Bilbao, Basque country, a boy died in consequence of being hit by a rubber bullet.

Now, after Ester’s severe injury, the association launched a campaign new campaign to eradicate operations with rubber bullets. In in solidarity with Ester they launch the slogan “Ojo con tu ojo” [Keep an eye on your eye]. While Catatonias president Mas excused publicly for the police violence, the responsible Department for Interior, Felip Piug, denies the charges with rubber bullets near Plaza Catalunya, where Ester got hit, and trivializes Police’s violence acts against adolescents in Tarragona (evidenced cases of a 13 year old boy accompanied by his mother, and a 16-year old girl during the day of legal general strike protest on November 14) as coincidences.

Video of police with weapons and the interview with F. Puig denying the case of Ester

Video with eye witnesses of 14N when Ester got hit in Barcelona

The recent history shows quite a lot of earlier cases of disproportionate violence against civil persons by the Catalonian police called Mossos d’Esquadra, and I also reported about police charges with the baton against protesters after protests in bars and and underground stations of Madrid.

Facts is: there are evidenced police charges injuring adolescents with their baton, beating and firing at persons leaving or already having left the protests: Protests where affected citizens express their social dissatisfaction in a “free” democracy, whereas financial market  remain protected by the state and banks get their rescue billions. Are these appropriate policies for social peace and justice in Europe?

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