Egypt women deserve rights now, not later, China: Despite Mao’s feminism, women still in the minority

PSA Women and Politics Specialist Group

Women Say Government Not Doing Enough About Political Violence Violence against women remains one of the biggest challenges in Zimbabwe, especially during election periods, and there are fears the inclusive government has not made any progress to combat this crime. Women bore the heaviest brunt of the violence in …

Egypt women deserve rights now, not later  Al-Arabiya On the first day of the Eid el-Fitr celebrations, Cairo’s Nile River promenade’s sidewalks were crowded, and packed with young boys on the prowl. The few women on the streets were huddled in packs, braving the Eid holiday known for its rampant sexual …

Saudi Arabia’s Haifa al Mansour Fears Rise of Islamic Conservatives May Impact … Hollywood ReporterGrowing up as the eighth child in a family of 12 “from the same father and the same mother,” Mansour lived in a tiny village in Saudi Arabia, a territory where women…

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