#EndVAW in Europe – Greece, Austria and Germany commit to end violence against women

COMMIT – Say NO – UNiTE | End Violence against Women Source: saynotoviolence.org

UN Women is calling on governments all over the world to  COMMIT to end violence against women and girls. As mentioned in the recent article there is  a mobilising to ratify Council of Europe Convention on  preventing and combating violence against women, Greece Austria and Germany commit officially to the UN campaign by ratifying the Convention and taking concrete measures.

Moreover, as Europe necessitates 54,000 more women’s shelter placesGreece commits to ratify and implement the Council of Europe Convention on preventing and combating violence against women and domestic violence (CAHVIO), as well as to create 21 shelters for abused women and their children. Furthermore, Greece intends to take the following measures to prevent and respond to violence against women and girls: creation of nine counselling centres at the regional and 27 at the local level aiming at providing psychosocial and legal support, as well as upgrading of the existing infrastructure; awareness raising campaigns and dissemination of information materials in various languages; continuing training of social counsellors; mainstreaming of gender-responsive policies in government action. Austria commits to ratify and by the end of 2013 and use gender responsive budgeting practices when developing national budgets, including for justice and security sectors. Germany commits to ratify and will develop a national monitoring concept to assess the results of all policy measures to protect women from violence by 2014; eliminate unequal pay between men and women; and develop a National Action Plan to implement the UN Security Council Resolution 1325 by the end of 2012.


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