#TsunamiBlanco3 Spain: Ongoing protests to defend public health system

Protest in Madrid, Dec. 9, 2012: workers in defence of healthcare system – image: coordinadora25s

People still need to take the street although the European Stability Mechanism (ESM) put an end to the procedure for Spain’s receiving the funds  with the formal request of 36,968,000 Euros.  The protests  continue because the  40,000 million Euros from ESM are for four entities – BFA-Bankia, Catalunya Banc, NCG Banco and Banco de Valencia and for the Bank Restructuring.

Constituting public holidays, image: coordinadora25s

This means, the Spanish  Government spends 36,968 million Euros  to bail out their banks in comparison to 3,106 million Euros for Education, and 2,309 million Euros for Healthcare system. That’s why people say, Spain does not receive 40,000 million Euros, the banks do.  In defence of the public health system, thousands of health care care workers took to the streets of Madrid today with a simple and clear message; “No privatization of the public health system”. Dressed in white scrubs, nurses, doctors, care workers shout slogans such as “Health is not for sale” and “Health 100 percent public, no to privatizations”. This is already the third huge demonstration of health care workers dressed in white scrubs – that’s why you find information tagged with “TsunamiBlanco3” (tsunami in white).

From Dec. 6-9 *), the protest platform 25-S in Madrid organized “constituting public holidays” to advance in working out alternatives and future actions. After good work done, they celebrate having lunch together. 25-S already call for further demonstration on Dec. 18 and 20. In Barcelona, healthcare workers are preparing their enclosure on Dec. 11 and 12 in different hospitals to protest against cuts and defend the public health system.

livestreamings on http://www.tomalatele.tv/web/  and http://bambuser.com/v/3213181?s=sc 
video of reuters on Chicago Tribune

*) Dec. 6 and 8 are holidays in Spain, thus Dec. 7 for many people was a (public) day off, too.

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