#occupy – Eviction of Refugee Protest Camp in Vienna

In the night from 27 to 28 of December the police pulled down the refugee protest camp in the centre of Vienna at 4 am without warning or previous announcement. Belongings mostly have been destroyed as you can see in the video. Recently refugee seekers have been evicted from Austria and as a consequence have been immediately arrested in their home countries as their were politically persecuted.

Refugees started to organize themselves and started a protest march to Vienna a month ago and built up a Refugee Protest Camp in the Sigmund Freud Park in the centre of Austria’s capital Vienna to call attention to their problematic situation. 27 of the refugee activists are on hunger strike since December 22, solidarity was raising during the Christmas holidays, and got also support from the Votivkirche, the church nearby. The refugee activists will continue their protests until they succeed  with their political demands .

Urgent demands of the refugees
1. Our asylum should be continued as far as the situation in our countries does not get better.
If this is not the case, we should have the possibility to prolong our legal stay here in Austria. If you don´t allow us to stay any longer here or before you decide to deport us, please cancel our fingerprints so we have the possibility to seek for asylum in other countries and avoid getting us deported.
2. We need a work permission. We want to be self-sustainable, we don´ t want to depend on the State. We reclaim back our dignity as human beings.

Today at 4.30 pm a demonstration for solidarity and to protest against the eviction will take place. For more information see their Blog refugee protest camp vienna. (Videos and information in German and English)


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