#Shell’s Plans “Let’s Go! Arctic” and the Hoax Campaign by #Greenepeace and #TheYesMen

    Let’s Go! Arctic is a mock advertising campaign created by Greenpeace and The Yes Men in June 2012. Actually, the guardian writes that Shell’s plans in the Arctic are at risk as Obama advisers call for halt to oil exploration.  The hoax campaign last year has drawn a satire scenery of Shell’s drilling the Arctic. KnowYourMeme explains the whole story of  the hoax which consisted of an elaborately staged gaffe at a fake event arranged on behalf of Shell Oil Company, a mock website purported as the company’s social media hubsite and a fake press release alleging that Shell’s lawyers are considering legal actions against the involved parties. And they launched the satire arcticready.com website as Shell’s social media website. Another element of the campaign was the intorduction of the ironic game Just for kids –  Angry Bergs game  (a parody of the game Angry Birds) for children to help Shell to melt the icebergs  so that they can get more oil for mommy and daddy.

For more information see: “Let’s Go! Arctic” Hoax Campaign | Know Your Meme.

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