#23F – Citizen protests in Spain: Marea Ciudadana

call for 23F – New Protests in Spain on february 23, 2013

23-F 2013  citizens protest for unity against cuts and for true democracy.

From the initiative of a rising human tide on the basis
of the power of  unity, people make the proposal of the confluence
between different protest movements, groups and organizations to reject the status quo and unjust solutions being taken with
the pretext of the crisis. This “marea ciudadana” (“citizen tide” or “citizen wave”, or sometimes they also call it “tsunami”, for instance – marea blanca or tsunami blanca, the white wave / white tsunami were demonstrations for the health system,) is promoting a great nationwide mobilization for February 23. If more than 30 years ago citizens took to the streets against the military coup, now they take the streets against the market coup. (See new articles:
#23F – Spain: Tens of Thousands Raise Their Voice posted on February 24, 2013
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A lot of protest groups, movements, organizations and all
such entities are coordinating to demand a true democracy and
cope with increasingly drastic cuts of freedom, civil and social rights, the uniting for that aims has been called the Marea Ciudadana (citizen / human tide). All these organizations are preparing first public action, a large mobilization in the Spanish State. The day chosen for this is on Saturday 23 February. The historical date 23-F was an attempted coup d’état in Spain during transition to democracy that began on 23 February 1981, in a period of problems arising from the economic crisis (almost 20% unemployment coupled with capital flight and 16% inflation). In 1981 citizens took to the streets to express
firmly their rejection of the military coup. “Today, 32 years later, we take
the streets to defend our rights and reject cuts and brutal
adjustment policies that channeled the funds to satisfy the greed of
financial markets and corrupt politicians.”, Marea Ciudadana says.

The mobilization is widespread in most of the cities of Spain,
although it is organizing a large demonstration in Madrid, which will end
somewhere as iconic as the Plaza de Neptuno. These mobilizations,
like all others that are part of the Marea Ciudadana are
inclusive and non-violent: “Peacefully but categorical, we fill the streets with color and making evident, that for sure the people will tolerate anymore neither corruption nor these brutal policies of adjustments we are suffering.” (Source: Press release of Marea Ciudadana, January 30, 2013)

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