#VAW – East African Men and Boys GBV Symposium

The East Africa Men and Boys GBV Symposium encourages to mainstream men and boys engagement in GBV programming in the region. 

(c) Coexist Kenya – The Coexist Initiative

Most East Africa countries have developed adequate legislation for addressing gender based violence. Acccording to the keynote of the organisers, the full enforcement of the legislation is hindered by the lack of specific policies addressing GBV, and insufficient in stitutional development in the field of combating GBV at the grassroots. The involvement of men, boys and communities in the process is literally absent. Thus, the forum orgaqnised by the Coexist Initiative is the first of its kind in the country to bring together men and boys representatives from the civil society, leaders and Local Authorities to discuss the current state of prevention, to explore key themes and challenges, and to  develop strategies for moving forward to implement stronger  GBV prevention programs. (Read full synopsis; source: Concept Note)

East Africa Men and Boys GBV Symposium
16th – 18th April 2013
Esidai Country Resort (On the outskirts of Nairobi City)


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