#23F #16F Spanish people mobilizing to take the streets

The 15-M movement, protest platforms (the so called marea verde and marea blanca) in defense of education and public health and political parties like  Equo or the Anticapitalist Left (Izquierda Anticapitalista) have partnered to convene, along with nearly fifty organizations, a large demonstration on 23-F, February 23 to protest against the government and the measures being implemented,  to protest against corruption and “the coup of the markets” and to demand “real democracy”.

#23FNo to the financial coup d’etat
The 25-S Coordination platform (coordinadora 25-S), organizing protests around Congress, the Association Real Democracy and the Platform of People Affected by Mortgages (PAH) are also among the organizations and associations that have joined the protests on 23-F .
As far as parties are concerned, besides Equo and Izquierda Anticapitalista, the federal coordinator of United Left, Cayo Lara, has confirmed the support of its formation to the protests, in which the leftist coalition will be “broadly representative”.

‘No to the financial coup d’etat. We don’t debt, we don’t pay‘, is one of the themes agreed by the 50 groups in Spain organising the demonstrations since December. On February 23,  more than 30 cities in Spain join the 23-F protests. (Seealso new article: #23F – Spain: Tens of Thousands Raise Their Voice to Protest posted on February 24, 2013)

#16F – Protests all over Spain to fight eviction from private homes

On the map of  PAH-Protests to stop the eviction of people from their homes due to the mortgages loans you can see that in more than 40 Spanish cities people will take the streets on February 16: “For the right to housing. Against financial genocide, we identify the responsibles and demand retroactive foreclosure (transfer of housing to the financial institution with which they hold the mortgage in exchange for being free from debt), social rental and the stop of evictions now!”

They take the streets because 420,000 foreclosures of mortgage loans in Spain during the last six years and 220,000 evictions from private homes are simply intolerable.

See also: #23F – Citizen protests in Spain: Marea Ciudadana

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