#23F – Spain: Hundreds of Thousands Raise Their Voice to Protest

#23F Madrid Aerial view of massive citizens protest, Neptuno sq #TodasUnidas23F #occupy

Hundreds of thousands of Spaniards – the citizen’s wave, as they call these mass protests – took the streets on February 23 (#23F).  All different protest “waves” like miners, firefighters, students, teachers, doctors, nurses, the 15M movement, the platforms against mortgage foreclosures, etc. joined together. in Madrid there were over a 100.000 people, in Barcelona over 40.000, and many tens of thousands more in other cities and in solidarity with Spain in Amsterdam, Brussels, Paris and London.  The Spanish citizen waves raised their voice to protest against austerity and the financial coup d’etat, the cuts in public health and education system and the lack of democracy. Troika is forcing Spain to privatization of water, unemployment rate still ranks on above 26%, over 400.000 families have been evicted from their homes since the start of the crisis – and Spanish people continue to organize protest and demand the resignation of the government of Mariano Rajoy.

Sadly, it seems already a ‘common’ attitude that police brutally charges against peaceful protesters after demonstrations, no matter if they are kids, elderly, handicapped, etc.  Near Atocha railway station police shot with rubber bullets. Moreover, 45 people, including nine minors, were arrested during the disturbances of the massive protest in Madrid, Spain’s caital. The arrested minors are estimated to be released today.

Remember: Riot police charging, reporting and arresting are the only answers to growing civil protest in Spain since 2011!  (see also earlier articles: #14N Police clashes with rubber bullets, #14N Police charges in Madrid, #27O protests, police clashes, democratic rights at risk)

However, the big majority of the protesters keep strong and positive attitude during their demonstrations and in this case  sing the people’s song of #SpanishRevolution (see video below, songtext with English subtitles).

Comment: The domination of Spain, Greece and Portugal by the EU’s Troika with the consequence that these EU member states have to privatize and subject their water resources to capitalism seems unbelievable, and therefore the peoples of these states need and deserve our full solidarity. Birgit Wolf

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