#refugeeprotestcamp – Refugee activists in Vienna criticize the threat by police

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Vienna (APA / OTS) – The protesting refugees in the Votive church see themselves exposed to an increasing pressure by the Austrian police, despite their declared interest to negotiate with government and administration. Within the last few days, undercover police/wo/men conducted several identity checks in front of the church and in the nearby university spaces. Friday afternoon, one refugee was taken away by the police, his location remains unclear so far. Shahjahan Khan, protesting refugee in the Votive church, on this topic: “We want to negotiate, but the police threatens us. We are being surveilled, stopped and checked in front of the church with increasing frequency, without having done anything. Often by undercover officers, who don’t reveal their identity to us. Worst of all is, that one of us has been arrested and taken away by the police and that we still don’t know, what happened to him. Our friend has to be released immediately!”

Recently, in their reply to President Fischer’s letter, the refugees had signalized their willingness to talk: “We invite the president and the ones responsible, in the Austrian politics, to negotiate a solution for our situation. What we need, is a legal residency status, which enables us to live safely in Austria. Because in there is no secure life in the countries, that we fled from. The police has to stop undermining the chances for solution-oriented negotiations, by oppressing and arresting innocent people” emphasizes Shahjahan Khan.

Despite their pressured situation, the refugees work unperturbed with their supporters, to build up a negotiation group, that should get into contact with the responsible institutions soon.

Further artiles: RefugeeProtestCampVienna


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