#soundframe | 2013 Festival SOUND:FRAME in Vienna

SOUND:FRAME | source: http://2013.soundframe.at/en/

The sound:frame festival has been delving into audiovisual forms of expression in
artistic contexts and the club scene since 2007. Each year, intercreativity and the
bringing together of musicians, artists and theoreticians from visual arts, media art,
architecture, design, and music are the foundation of the festival’s thematic orientation.
With «collective», sound:frame 2013 seeks to connect with the subjects of
previous years: “evolution remixed!” in 2009, “dimensions” in 2010, “performance”
in 2011, and «substructions» in 2012. The festival focuses on networks, artist collectives,
interdisciplinary teamwork, and international collaborations. It discusses
the opportunities and positive aspects as well as the difficulties of collective artistic
The sound:frame «collective» exhibition «The House of Drift» at MAK – Austrian
Museum of Applied Arts / Contemporary Arts will feature a site-specific, volumetric
multimedia installation, currently in development, by an artist collective established
especially for the exhibition.

Festival «collective» o4.o4.–21.o4.2o13
MAK – Austrian Museum of Applied Arts / Contemporary Art, brut at Künstlerhaus, fluc, Morisson Club, Hotel am Brillantengrund

Exhibition «collective» o5.o4.–21.o4.2o13
A cooperation of sound:frame and MAK – Austrian Museum of
Applied Arts / Contemporary Art

Further information, program, tickets: soundframe.at | festival 2013


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