#25A Spain: New protest mobiblizing for social justice

source: plataforma ¡en pie!

 The platform “Plataforma ¡en pie!” [platform stand up] are activists from different cities in Spain, most come from other social / protest movements, lacking the right   target when defining the roots of the problem of economic crisis- thus they raise a new platform with a very concrete objective.

They wanted to to position themselves ideologically, without any ambiguities and move to the action for the sake of those ideas, moving forwards a more forceful and committed protest. This was  how one night, with the idea of promoting a strong mobilization in Congress comes to an initial group, later on the named it “Plataforma ¡En Pie!”.

Left not leftist

En Pie believes that social change is fundamental to start and move forward with a solid set of ideas about the current reality and desired reality, the discourse of “neither left nor right, go together without ideology” seems dangerous, they say not to stand with ideas is  running like a headless chicken. Thus, they position themselves down and left, referring to left in its original sense, the social left, with the values ​​that this item represents justice and equality, which has nothing to do with parties who call themselves leftist.

This platform was initiated by the 25S movement, whose activists are convinced, that the real problem in Spain is living under an illegitimate regime installed in 1978, which still lacks democracy. Thus they believe in opening the debate on the necessity to initiate a process of transition towards a transparent and democratic social organization where power truly resides in the people.

Siege the Congress

#25A:  ¡en pie! call for a new protest on 25 April, promoting  to siege and final release of the Congress of Deputies as main action. As a secondary actions:  Free disperse actions affecting the established power are planned, always within the framework of human rights. Their general objective is the the fall of the regime including  the government’s resignation, dissolution of the Parliament and the Head of State), and the opening of a transition to a new model of political, economic and social justice and truly solidarity.

With the support of experts they are developing an information pack about everything related to the transition process, soon they will edit a package of documents. Moreover, they especially appeal to the female community, convinced that the system has been and is especially pernicious with. Thus ¡en pie! consider it essential that the female people stand up and exercise leadership in order that this revolutionary process is set up in equality,  women and men side by side, fighting for a common goal. They also call for the solidarity of the syndicates to coincide their action day with #25A and support their protest with an indefinite general strike.

Que sera? what will be?
que sera sera… ¿? ¡! what will be will be ?!
Is this call the beginning of a change of paradigm in occupy and social protest movements, the initiation of the fall of capitalism and austerity as insufficient system to accomplish with the real necessities of the people?
Power to the people and resignation of the government as final objective. Spain is going an unique way, stay informed.

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