8. April 2013 | INT. ROMA NATION DAY


ROMA NATION DAY | Source: http://romanationday.org

8th of April is the international Roma Day. 1971 on this date Roma representatives from 25 countries met for the first time in London and founded the Romani Union. On this day they also decided to replace offensive foreign appellations with our native name “Roma” (human) and agreed on a common flag, blue and green with a red wheel in the middle.

Still, 12 million European Roma face state violence, murder, poverty, detainment & deportations daily, a few days ago a Romani youth was killed by an Serbian skinhead. Human rights and life free from violence and discrimination finally have to be guaranteed for all Roma people and ensured in every society and country.

Further information see:
European Roma Movement or on Roma Buzz Monitor

EVENT TODAY: Thousands of balloons – 8. April 2013 for World Wide Roma Movement
see video on Vimeo

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