#SPAIN: From #15M to #12M – 2nd anniversary of ongoing protest movement

#12M #15M protest in Madrid, Puerat del Sol, May 12, 2013 (c) EL PAIS

Hundreds of thousands have demonstrated nationwide in Spain to mark the second anniversary of the “indignants” movement formed to protest against social injustice, economic inequality, Troika and government’s austerity politics.

On May 12, Spaniards not only chant “together, it’s possible”, or “stop financial genocide, together we can”, but they gave evidence by two years growing and ongoing protests, a movement diversifying and unifying  at the same time. The naming of the protest movement as 15M refers to May 15, 2011, when the indignats started to take the squares of Spanish cities, the movement turned into a global occupy movement: the  #12M call in Spain as well as the #12M global day of action have clearly shown that the major protests against current economic policies are unbroken. Since two years indignants constantly state: “We Owe nothing, we pay nothing”, as well as they continue loose their jobs, their homes, their education system, their health system, whereas banks receive billions of Euros.


Citing from 12M15M

Current information about the demands of the Spanish protest movement marking their 2nd anniversary from the newsletter nr 44 by 15M Barcelona Internacional:

The May 15th 2011, millions of people started a process of social change, giving a clear and unmistakable signal that we are not merchandise in the hands of politicians and bankers, we have been publicly and massively expressing that the representative democracy is dying. The political class has not understood the message. Despite the growing protests and the outcry of upset people, these ruling classes are using this crisis to plunder the common wealth, risking the lives of people.

Capitalism has decided to cancel democracy and now the bankers rule us. Clearly, this 1% of the population is the legalized crime in power. The current political system leads us to disaster and we have to be the 99% who take the helm of our destiny. We demand a constituent power to recover the sovereignty that belongs to us. Therefore, on May 12th and 15th, after a 2 years protesting, we return to the streets with legitimate demands and we will continue building the alternatives.

Face to repression and blockades imposed on us from the institutions we will require a list of minimum points, since it is endangering the integrity of population with inhumane measures.

In order to guarantee the right to the existence of  the 99%, we demand:

1. Not a single euro to rescue the banks. Citizen Audit of debt. We will not pay illegitimate debt created by those who caused the crisis.
2. Public, free and a quality Education and Health Care System. No cuts in welfare, not to the privatization of public services. Not repayment.
3. Fair distribution of job and wealth. Not to the precariousness. No retirement at 67. Removal of the Labor Reform. Assessment of reproductive work, domestic and care.
4. Guaranteed right on access to adequate housing. Retroactive dation in payment. Social rental housing. Promotion of housing cooperatives.
5. Tax reform that allows fairly redistribute the wealth that we produce among all.  Basic Income for everyone.
6. Protection of the rights of assembly, demonstration, strikes, association and all civil liberties including the right to your own body.

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