Gender Impact and the Price of Austerity

“While austerity measures are hurting women, men, girls and boys across the European Union (EU), women are particularly hit the hardest”, the European Women’s Lobby (EWL) states. According to them, austerity measures that seek to reduce public deficits by cutting public sector jobs, services and benefits directly impact on women as public sector employment and public services concern women to a far greater extent than men. Narrowing gender gaps in employment, unemployment and pay are not to be interpreted as growing gender equality but rather a deterioration of the working and living conditions for all. Thus, the EWL provides a study based on a survey of EWL member organisations as well as other sources, which maps the pattern of the impact of austerity measures on women and gender equality. The EWL study is focusing on three areas, namely, cuts in public sector jobs and wages, cuts in services and benefits and cuts in funding for women’s rights and gender equality. Their findings reveal that the crisis is not a he-cession after all, as the official statistics do not tell the full story.  Read the full story on austerity and download EWL report: The price of austerity – the impact on women’s rights and gender equality in Europe.

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