ICT & entrepreneurship for girls

Girls, ICT and entrepreneurship, June 2013
Authors: ICT-Go-Girls! project consortium
Editor: Lil Reif, Danube University Krems

The EU Comenius project ICT-go-girls! aims to empower secondary school girls with the knowledge, skills and values to encourage their participation and pro-active attitude towards innovation, entrepreneurship and quality ICT related employment.  The experts behind this project belong to 7 institutions from 5 European countries. Collaboratively, the ICT-go-girls! project partner  develop methodology and school pilots to enhance entrepreneurship skills among secondary school girls; to produce a methodology and learning toolkit for secondary schools to promote ICT and entrepreneurship among their female students; and to increase ICT skills for educational issues among school girls in order to face their future choices in studies and work.

As a first result of the project, you can review the analysis-report about existing projects and initiatives relevant to ICT-Go-Girls! and to summarise reflections and experiences from Europe and abroad that can be applied for the development of the project.

The report “Girls, ICT and entrepreneurship. Learning from existing initiatives“ bases both on literature and analytical review of examples and best practice initiatives. The conclusion gives an insight about lessons learned by the ICT-Go-Girls! project consortium, edited by researcher Lil Reif. Download the interesting report HERE.

Read article in German about the project and analysis report HERE

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