37% Of Men Think There Are Enough Women MPs. Female Politicians: Approach Negative Ads With Caution!

PSA Women and Politics Specialist Group

New Study Shows That For Female Politicians, Negative Ads Must … In The Capital …Past research has shown that most people view attack ads from women more negatively than similar ads coming from male headlined campaigns. Through a series of intensive focus groups, the Barbara Lee Family Foundation, in conjunction with Lake Research Partners and Chesapeake Beach Consulting has come out with some interesting findings of what kids of campaign ads actually work for women. Below are some takeaways from their study.

  • Voters are okay with negative ads, as long as they are subtle, and appear to be done by real people rather than actors.
  • Voters liked it when women were humorous in their negative ads. Humor also made the ads more memorable.
  • Voters prefer negative ads that end on a positive note, with the candidate saying what they will do, rather than just talking about how they are better…

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