EU Survey on gender-based violence will be presented in March 2014

Kamira/Shutterstock; Source: European Union Agency for Fundamental Rights

The European Union Agency for Fundamental Rights (FRA) will present the results of its survey on gender-based violence in March 2014.  The results are based on an EU-wide survey conducted by FRA from 2011—2012.  The survey data on violence against women have been collected through face-to-face interviews with a random sample of 42,000 women. This is the first survey of its kind across the 28 EU Member States.

The specific objectives of the survey are to:

  • provide evidence needed by key stakeholders such as policy makers, practitioners and non-governmental organisations for the development of policies and other measures to combat violence against women;
  • supply, for the first time, EU-wide comparable data on the extent and nature of women’s experiences of physical, sexual and psychological violence and harassment – including whether they report these experiences and what the response is when they do;
  • contribute to the collection of data for the development of indicators that will be used to monitor violence against women and responses to it.

The survey will be presented in March.

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