#UNSCR1325 – Women and Armed Conflict

Gender-based discrimination in access to economic resources, education and employment, poor reproductive health care, and exclusion from decision-making processes make refugee women and girls one of the most vulnerable groups in the world. On 28 October, the UN Security Council will convene its annual Open Debate on Women, Peace and Security, with a focus on “Displaced Women and Girls: Leaders and Survivors.”

Graphic Graphic source: http://beijing20.unwomen.org/en/infographic/armed-conflict

Fourteen years since the adoption of Security Council resolution 1325 in 2000. There is growing recognition that women’s empowerment is a key ingredient for democracy, stability, lasting peace. The data provided by the Global Gender Gap Report 2012 suggests a strong correlation between those countries that are most successful at closing
the gender gap and those that are the most economically competitive. Yet, the increased violence, mass displacement and humanitarian catastrophes of the past year have had a detrimental impact on the security of women and children — particularly girls — hindering progress towards achieving peace, security, reconciliation and stability for all. In 2013, violent conflicts forced 32,000 people worldwide from their homes every day. Three-quarters of the refugee population are women and children. Read more #UNSCR1325



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