New Handbook: Entrepreneurship & ICT for Girls

The EU funded project ICT-go-girls published a new Handbook for schools:  “Promoting Entrepreneurship through ICT for Girls”​. It is a practical 40 pages manual for schools, teachers, educational administrations, which summarizes the project’s findings and recommendations fro motivating girls to work and lead in the ICT field, by starting inspiring measures early in secondary school. The handbook is available in 5 languages and PDF format. It has a Creative Commons Attribution – Share Alike license, so feel free to download it, use it our adapt it to make it work in your context.

Handbook cover

Handbook’s CD: the content is distributed in several folders:

  • Analysis: this folder contains the report “Girls, ICT and entrepreneurship. Learning from existing initiatives” (PDF, English)
  • Dissemination: this folder contains posters, the newsletter, flyers, etc used to promote the project.
  • Methodology: the methodology used during the pilots, it shows the two stages and all the activities done during the pilots in the schools. For each activity there is: aims of the activity, tasks, role of the teacher, etc.
  • Pilot experiences: this folder contains the report “After pilots at schools” (PDF,English) and some of the things the students did during the pilots.
  • Platform: the Elgg based social platform used during the pilots of the project and two documents: administrator guide and user guide.

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