#15J – International action day to close migrant detention centers

[REPOSTED – http://wp.me/p2D6Nt-Eb] To all organizations and groups working for the closure of migrant detention centers and fighting against restrictive migration politics that criminalize migrants and refugees:

In the name of the the Spanish network against migrant detention centers and deportations (“Campaña Estatal Por el Cierre de los CIEs”), as well as individuals and collectives fighting against restrictive migration politics in Spain, we want to invite you to support and participate in “15 J – Dia contra los CIE”, an action day against migrant detention centers.

On June 15th we want to demand the closure of migrant detention centers and the end of migrants’ detention through joint actions and to make visible the realities of migrant detention centers. We have been organizing “15J” since 2013 and last year groups and collectives from other countries also used the opportunity to send out a message against
migrant detention centers.

“15J” can help to make our struggles visible, connect them and take coordinated actions. We want to take the streets, schools, theaters, parques, social centers and make aware of the inhumane realities of restrictive migration politics with the help of music, dance, painting, theater, photography and more. We invite you to support this action day
and think about how you you want to participate: demonstrations, concerts, performances, street art..

Don’t hesitate to contact us and write to diacontraloscies@gmail.com (if possible in English or Spanish). We will collect and present all actions on our blog https://15jdiacontraloscie.wordpress.com/, where you can also find more practical information and a collection of last year’s actions.

Solidarity greetings,
Organizing commitee 15 J – Dia contra los CIE

REPOSTED FROM: 15jdiacontraloscie.wordpress.com familienundfreundinnengegenabschiebung.wordpress.com


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