#sexwork – Nothern Ireland implements the so-called “Swedish model”

Today, Northern Ireland implemented the so-called “Swedish model” criminalising clients of sex workers. The Telegraph publishes a map to compare law on sex work across the world: read article: Prostitution, pimping and brothels: how legal are they across the world?

40 years International Whores’ Day

June 2nd is ‘International Whores Day’, a day commemorating the 1975 occupation of the Church of St. Nizierof in Lyon, France, by more than 100 sex workers. The event is considered to be the birth of the modern sex workers rights movement, and traditionally it’s the day when sex worker activists all over the world rally for equal rights.

Global network of sex work projects: www.nswp.org/event/international-sex-worker-day
International Union of Sex Workers: www.iusw.org

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2 Responses to #sexwork – Nothern Ireland implements the so-called “Swedish model”

  1. Jin Sherr says:

    This so-called “Swedish model” will scary of all escorts clients and this business will not survive in such condition. I think sex workers soon move to another country for example Britain where it’s legal for now. And I don’t want that the same law was adopted in UK ’cause I get used to one escort service http://uk.worldescortmap.com/ .


  2. Black Metal Valkyrie says:

    Unsure how using sexist slurs like “whore” will lead to liberation of prostituted women from male violence. Also questioning what your intention is in using the words “so called” when speaking of the Swedish Model. Do you mean to erase academics and activists who see the philosophy behind the SM as a model for prostitution laws everywhere? In question what is progressive about that.


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