@refugees – Livestream from #Croatia – Slovenian border

Croatia has bused hundreds of migrants to its border with Hungary, ratcheting up tensions in Europe’s refugee crisis as police fired tear gas to drive back several hundred people trying to enter Slovenia.

As Budapest said more than 4,400 people had crossed from Croatia in 24 hours before it closed the final stretch of a new razor wire barrier along the frontier at midnight, Slovenia said it was considering “corridors” for refugees through its territory and would take in up to 10,000 refugees. Austrian #SOSkonvoi is organising support everyday on the routes of refugees in Croatia and Serbia by convoys with volunteers and donations as well as by building new provisional camps where it is needed in cooperation with UNHCR and Red Cross . I had been with them a few days ago working 4 days in the camp of Roeszke (H) – great work #SOSkonvoi – thanks for being part of you.

While more and more volunteers and NGOs prepare to support refugees  official Europe doesn’t offer anything better than safeguarding frontiers!

But , “The European Union (EU) has committed itself to building a Common European Asylum System based on the full and inclusive application of the 1951 UN Refugee Convention, for which UNHCR has a supervisory responsibility. The EU has a central role with respect to asylum and resettlement issues inside and outside the Union, and EU law and practice has considerable influence on the development of refugee protection mechanisms in other countries.”


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