Moria / Lesbos: Refugee spot urgently needs help

This is a message I reveived via a volunteer located at the hotspot in Moria / Lesbos: please share !
“People, this is a massive emergency call for help. The situation in Moria is utterly catastrophic. We need organisations to come there. The queue for registering is 2 km long, many people do not have tents, there is no shelter. There is a handful of us volunteers in moria, there are no organisations except for once a day food distribution which is nowhere near enough for everyone. I’ve had people holding half dead babies up to me the whole day and we have nowhere to send them. All the NGO’s are inside and doctors only very rarely come out. Tomorrow will be a disaster : there are no dry clothes for anyone, no shelter, there are children sleeping in bin bags, no food, no blankets, no diapers for babies. No access to drinking water for the people in the back of the line, people will go to sleep wet and cold tonight in the open air, half the people will wake up sick, some people will die I am sure of it. We urgently need medics on the ground, some form of sheltering and dry clothes. Please please help, we are just a few volunteers by ourselves without resources but people are looking at us to help but we can do nothing. Many thanks.”


See also this blog on Moria:


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